DECEMBER 22, 2019 8:22AM PT


Reviewing music is a walk in the park compared with reviewing books, which must be the most time-consuming occupation in entertainment apart from being parents of budding baseball players. For a similar reason, this best-music-books-of-the-year list is hardly a definitive one — there was a veritable avalanche of them released this year, utterly hopeless to keep up with. So with apologies to some of these authors for tardiness (there are a couple of late 2018 titles in here) — and to Liz PhairHanif Abdurraqib and others whose books I’ve heard are great but have not read yet — here are The Best Music Books of 2019 That I Managed to Procure and Actually Finish Reading…

“All You Need to Know About the Music Business: 10th Edition” (by Donald Passman) — Ten editions in, this book, written by one of the industry’s most prominent and experienced attorneys, remains the single best one-stop for learning about the music business. Its very nature dictates that it’s hardly a page-turner, but Passman’s style is engaging and his expertise near-unimpeachable.

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