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When I started working at Spotify back in 2011 I had zero music industry experience. One of the first things I did was google “books to learn about the music industry”.

The book that came up in all the lists (and still does today) was Don Passman’s “All You Need To Know About The Music Business”.

So it was a pretty full-circle moment when a signed copy of the new edition arrived – and ROSTR gets a shout out in the book.

We already know we have something that’s made a difference, but there’s something really cool about getting in what the Los Angeles Times called “The Industry Bible”… and a book that helped me get started.

I know for a lot of people starting out, music can be really intimidating industry to even try to break into it. Back then, Don’s book genuinely helped me to get a sense of the landscape.

So I’d like to pay it forward…

I’m giving away 10 digital copies of the 11th edition (released today) to students or people just starting out in the industry. If you’d like one of the copies leave a comment below with what your dream job in the music industry is. There are no wrong answers, just be ambitious!

Some small print:
– Must be a student or someone at the start of their career (intern etc)
– Can be anywhere, but I’ll be sending a Kindle book so hopefully Kindle works where you are (you can read a Kindle book on almost any device)
– If I get more than 10 comments we’ll run a random draw to select who gets them
– I’ll be in touch via LinkedIn, please make sure you’re following me or we’re connected.

Finally, thanks to Don for writing this book, writing us into it, and for the signed copy! I’ll drop a link to the 11th edition in the comments.

p.s. Sorry to Don for coming out of beta between him writing the book and it being published. Bring on the 12th edition!

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